Operating Principals





The ¨OPERATING PRINCIPLES¨¸ of the BAMBINOS UNIVERSE ECC contain the rules and policies of operation for both the Luskville and the Shawville childcare facilities. These rules and policies were established in order to promote a quality childcare environment for all children attending our Childcare facilities.


Our mission is based on our belief that each person is a unique being with a potential to become an accomplished individual. Our Childcare centres vow to offer quality childcare services that stimulates the development of their whole selves.


For the purpose of interpretation, the French version of this document over rules               the English version.









Luskville Facility                                Shawville Facility


Capacity of 34 spots                             Capacity of 36 spots

1955, ch. de la Montagne                      316, Argue Crescent

Luskville (Qué)                                               Shawville (Qué)

Tel : 819-455-9697                                Tel :   819-647-6412

Fax : 819-455-1027                               Fax : 819-647-6408





Operating Principles Index




PAGE 3                     INDEX




PAGES 5-6               ADMISSION POLICY

  • Clientele
  • Request of services
  • Treatment of request
  • Registration procedure
  • Service agreement for pre-kindergarten
  • Service agreement and trial period
  • Termination of contract



  • Schedule
  • Calendar
  • Tarification
  • Additional fees and late fees
  • Method of payment



  • Supply list for the infants
  • Supply list for the children 18 months and older
  • Candy and toys from home
  • Breakfast



  • Medication
  • Divers safety measures
  • Sunscreen
  • Exclusion policy















Ministère de la Famille et des Aînés


  • Councillor            Mme Marie Frédérika Alexis

Board of Directors Bambinos Universe ECC


  • President             Mme Valérie Nyle
  • Vice President             Mme Roxane Gauthier
  • Treasurer             Amy Keindel
  • Secretary             Mélissa Maurier
  • Directors             Mélanie Trudeau

                                                                                        Mme Sophie Duperé

                                                                                        Mme Laura Richardson



  • General Manager                                        Mme Mona Donnelly          
  • Assistant Director (Luskville) Mme Diane Daigle
  • Accounting clerk/Secretary Mme Lillias Ladouceur



  • Head Teacher                                              Mme Karine Parent
  • Full time educators                                     Mme Isabelle Picard

                                                                                              M Scott Gauthier

Mme Mallory Corriveau

Mme Ashley Lane

  • Part time educator                                      Mme Lynn Régimbal
  • Cook Mme Linda Martineau



  • Head Teacher                                                           Mme Tammy Davis
  • Full time educators   Mme Émilie LaSalle
    • Replacing Amy Crawford

Mme Kaitlin Hobbs

                                                                                        Mme Christa Kelly

                                                                                              Mme Sheri Deline

  • Part time educator Mme Colida Siroski
  • Cook Mme Maureen Chassie



Luskville and Shawville Centers:











The Luskville and Shawville facilities accept full and part time children aged from 6 months to 59 months.


Request for service


The parent must contact “La place 0-5ans” either by through their website www.laplace0-5.com or by telephone 1-844-270-5055 to put their child on the waiting list.


Treatment of requests  


The requests are treated in the following order of priority:

  1. The parent with a child already present in daycare and would like to increase the number of days of service.
  2. The parent that already has one child regularly attending the daycare service.
  3. The permanent employees of the ECC; their child can have access to the 2 installations independently from work place.
  4. The parent that has a child attending the daycare service and their contract is terminating due to a lack of spots in the ECC permit.
  5. The parent on the waiting list in chronological order and the availability of places in the group for that child. The parent must integrate their child within a period of one (1) month that the spot was offered. After this period, the spot is offered to another parent.
  6. The ECC has a ECC – CLSC agreement signed, therefore, we have 1,5 spots reserved that are subsidized and reserved for children referred and followed by the CLSC.


Registration procedures


The parent must complete the following documents:

  • Child registration file with authorization to outings and special activities, walks and to transport children in case of an emergency;
  • Procedure for administering medications;
  • Service agreement (the contract);
  • Service of agreement for outing;
  • Request for reduced contribution;
  • Authorization for direct debit services.
  • Vaccination booklet;
  • Birth certificate of child and parent;
  • Proof of residency in Québec;



Service agreement for pre-kindergarten


The ECC will no longer accept children that want part time places due to attending pre-kindergarten. The parents will have to make a choice to send their child either to the ECC or to school.

However, we will continue to receive part time children, because the other days they will be at home. Those days for attending will be determined by the ECC subject to availability and priority for consecutive days.

The parents will have to indicate their choice to management before the end of June of each year in order for us to organize our groups for the start of the following September.



Service agreement and trial period


The ECC and the parents sign an agreement for the services offered. This agreement is signed during registration. The agreement can be terminated at any time in compliance to the Consumer Protection Act. The agreement includes a trial period to insure that the child is adapting well, a one month grace period is allowed for this adaptation. After this period and in the best interest of the child, the ECC direction and the parents can end the contract if the child is not adapting well to the childcare environment.


Termination of contract                  


The parent may end the signed agreement (contract) with the childcare facility at any time.   However, we ask that the parent give us a two weeks notice before removing their child from childcare. In the same order, the ECC may end to the agreement due to serious reasons:

  • The child is not adapting to the childcare service;
  • The child has persistent behavioural problems;
  • The parent does not respect the rules of the childcare facility’s or its values.

The ECC will give the parents two weeks notice before ending the contract. The ECC reserves the right to apply a penalty that represents the lesser of the two amounts: $50.00 or 10% of the remainder of the contract that has not been fulfilled.






The service hours are from 6:30am to 5:30 pm and our opening hours for both Luskville and Shawville daycares are from 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday to Friday. Please notify the childcare facility before 9:00am if your child will be late or absent. The number for Luskville is: 455-9697 and for Shawville is: 647-6412.




Statutory Holidays:

The Administration, the Luskville and the Shawville childcare facilities are closed on the following statutory holidays:

  • New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31st)                              ●   New Year’s Day (Jan. 1st)
    • The day after New Year’s (Jan. 2nd)             ●   Good Friday
  • Easter Monday                                             ●   Victoria Day (May)    
  • St-Jean Baptist day (June 24)                                   ●   Canada Day (July 1st)
  • Labour Day (Sept.)                                       ●   Thanksgiving Day (October)


    • Christmas Eve (Dec. 24)                               ●   Christmas Day (Dec. 25)
  • Boxing Day (Dec. 26)      



As stipulated in the service agreement, the parent must pay for the statutory holidays when the childcare facilities are closed.




Childcare fees and method of payment  

All parents who are residents of Québec are entitled to the reduced contribution program which is according to the rate in place by the “Ministère de la Famille” for children between the ages of 6 to 59 months. Parents must pay the days reserved for their children. Also, for the days their child is absent due to illness or parent vacation. Parents must pay for the days the child is refused due to the child’s health. As mentioned previously, the parents must pay for the days the childcare facility is closed due to statutory holidays.


Additional fees and late fees


Additional fees may be requested by the parent per child for special activities or educational outings.


Late fees are charged when parents pick up their child after the childcare facility’s hours. The closing hour for the Luskville and the Shawville childcares facilities are at 5:30 p.m. Parents who are late causes the employees to work overtime, therefore we ask the parents to please notify the childcare facility if you are to be late. A late fee of $5 per 5 minutes per child will be charged to parents when they are late. There is a fee of 5$ per day per child, if there hours exceed 10 hours per day, a contract must be signed to this effect.


Method of Payment      


Childcare fees are payable every second Thursday. Childcare fees can only be paid by direct debit from a bank account. Parents authorize this withdrawal by signing the service agreement and the attendance sheet every month.

The childcare services do not offer credit. If the automatic withdrawal is returned (NSF) a fee of $10 per week is applied if these payments are late. This payment must be paid in cash. The ECC management reserves the right to refuse childcare services to parents who exceed 3 overdue payments per year.







Supply list for the infants supplied by the parents    

The following articles are necessary for the well being of your child at the childcare facility:


  • A picture of the child
  • Maternal milk for the child if he or she does not drink homogenized milk (3.25%)
  • Bottles
  • Baby food (until the child can eat the food from our menu)
  • A pacifier that stays at the childcare (optional)
  • Blanket for rest time (a special blanket)
  • Change of clothes
  • Indoor shoes (with white or beige soles)
  • Disposable diapers and training pants
  • Oxide zinc based cream for diaper rashes
  • Tylenol (liquid drops)

All items must be identified with the child’s name on them.


Because of the risk of an allergic reaction, it is important that the child be introduced to new foods at home.    


Supply list for the children 18 months and older supplied by the parents

For children 18 months and older:                              

  • A picture of the child
  • Change of clothes
  • Indoor shoes (with white or beige soles)
  • Blanket for rest time (a special blanket)
  • Diapers and wipes (if necessary)
  • Training pants (if necessary)


All articles must be clearly identified with child’s name.

The ECC is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items and /or clothes.


Candy and toys from home        


The ECC does not favour the child to bring toys from home unless it is for a special event that is stated by the educator. Candies and gum are not allowed. For special occasions the children may bring candies for the other children at the childcare facility; however the ingredients must be labelled on the package. The candies are sent home and the parent can give the child their candy. The child may bring in a special toy or blanket from home to help them relax during nap time.







The childcare will provide a lunch and two snacks per day to the children. The menu is posted beside the kitchen. This menu respects the Canadian food guide for preschool children. Breakfast is not prepared for the children at daycare. However, the child can bring their breakfast and eat it at the childcare before 7:45 am. The breakfast brought to child care must be nutritious. (See suggested list)


Allergies are very frequent among young children, therefore please ask the educators before bringing any food that could cause an allergic reaction to a child and always notify the childcare if your child is allergic to any food or other!


Breakfasts at the childcare facilities are an extra service and are free to the parents that have to bring their children to the childcare facility at opening in the morning.


It is highly recommended that you make your child eat breakfast at only one place in the morning. If not, this creates a difficult dynamic for the children that eat both at home and at the daycare and that have a snack at 9am all the same morning!! These children take enormous time to eat, disrupt others and it all ends up a waste of food.





































Suggested list

Foods accepted at the daycare: Foods NOT accepted at the daycare:


–          Bagel

–          Raisin bread

–          White or brown bread

–          Croissant

–          English muffins

–          Muffin (not with chocolate)

–          Porridge : plain or with fruit


Accompaniments such as spreads:

–          Butter or margarine

–          Hard boiled eggs

–          Soya butter

–          Cream cheese


Cereals with no sugar:

–          All Bran

–          Cheerios plain

–          Rice Krispies

–          Corn Flakes

–          Or other with no sugar


Milk products:

–          Ficello cheese

–          Minogo, Danone or others

–          Plain yogurt or with fruit: in containers or tubes



–          All fresh fruits: grapes, banana, apple, pear, peach, plum, cantaloupe, melons, kiwi, orange, etc…

–          Fruit sauce

–          Fruit salad

–          Raisins/dried fruit

–          Fresh vegetables



–          Milk

–          Liquid yogurt : Yop

–          Fresh fruit juice or concentrated

–          Vegetable juice


Dessert snacks:

–          Fruit roll-up

–          Pop tarts

–          Fruit “jujubes”

–          Pudding in a tube or container

–          Jell-o

–          Chocolate/caramel yogurt or pudding

–          Cookies dipped with icing : “Dunkaroos”

–          Granola bars or cereal bars : “Nutri grain”


Cereal with sugar:

–          Corn pops

–          Fruit loops

–          Any kind with chocolate…

–          Dinosaur eggs or with candy

–          Etc.


Porridge pre-prepared with lots of sugar:

–          Brown sugar

–          Dinosaur eggs

–          Etc.


Sugar cookies:

–          Bear paws

–          Molasses cookies

–          Etc.


Beverages :

–          Sugar juices : Kool-Aid or other


Certain foods could be forbidden in case of allergies for a child in daycare. Please keep track of existing food allergies. The ingredients must be verified regularly to make sure that these have not changed.







The ECC is regulated by the laws of the MFA. The “Ministry” has issued a regulation on the administration and the storing of medications in the ECC, in which the ECC must be in compliance. In this regulation, medication means: “all products used in prevention treatment”, as stipulated in the law on pharmaceutical products. No medication can be administered to a child at the centre without a written note from the parent, the legal guardian, or the person that has been awarded as the child’s legal tutor and of a doctor who is a member of the «professional corporation of the Quebec doctors» or of the «college of the Ontario doctors».


If the child must take medication, it is preferable to choose a medication that he/she does not have to take at the ECC. If it is impossible, please make sure to hand in the prescription to the ECC that has the pharmacy label with the name of the child, the name of the medication, the expiry date, the name of the doctor, the dosage and the duration of the treatment (if needed). When possible, ask the pharmacy if they can separate the medication in two separate bottles, (one for home and one for daycare) in order to prevent the coming and going of medication between home and daycare and not to forget the medication at home or at daycare.


The administration of medication will be noted by the parent on a form at the ECC. After administering the medication to the child, the person responsible will fill out a form of the registry of medication.


The only exemption to this rule is the administration of the acetaminophen for which the ECC has regulated procedures.


As for the sunscreen, nasal drops, oral hydration solution and zync oxide cream the parent must provide us with a written authorisation.


Homeopathy medication cannot be administered unless it is prescribed by a doctor. The medications are stored “out of the reach of children” and are under lock and key in the infant room. It is strictly forbidden to leave medication in the child’s locker or in their individual bags. At the end of the treatment, the educator will give back to the parent the medication container.


All the employees at the ECC have a First-aid / CPR certificate including the general baby and children health measures. The employees have a refresher course every three years.


Do not forget to bring a tool to administer the medication (spoon, syringe, and little cup) to allow us to reach the bottom of the bottle (if necessary).





Divers safety measures


Outdoor Yard:


There is a daily inspection done of the exterior play yard. This is done by the same person for the most part; they are also responsible for documenting their observations.


Dress code:


Particular attention needs to be brought to shoes when it comes to daycare safety, the ECC has made the decision to not authorize shoes that are ¨croc¨, “Flip Flops”, shoes or boots with a heal more that an inch high to be worn by the children or employees at daycare; Wearing such shoes is not very secure, crocs are very slippery on wet surfaces, they do not hold to the heel well or the foot when we run, etc.   Therefore, it is recommended that all should have a pair of shoe that gives a good support at the back of the foot. Ex: closed in shoe, running shoes, and sandals with large band that supports well the heel. The children are not to wear shoes offering little stability and protection and could provoke a fall, bruise or sprain, etc…

Do to safety concerns scarves are also not accepted at daycare, the ECC recommends neck warmers.


Access to the daycare :


The parents need to acquire a magnetic key for $10 / each. The amount will be returned at end of the contract once the magnetic key is returned. Parents should not at anytime open the door to anyone, foreign or other, even if it is another known parent. Everyone must enter with their own key.


Exceptional prevention measures:


A protocol and plan of intervention is known by all employees of the ECC in case of intrusion and/or threat.


In addition, it is important to keep your ECC informed of any change or difficult personal circumstances or delicate situation in your family environment which could possibly have repercussions at ECC. We all have a role of prevention to play in the community. The staff of the ECC is trained and acts in a professional manner with regard to the confidentiality and the respect of your privacy.


It is important not to open the door of the ECC to any person if the doorbell is heard. A member of the staff will identify the person in question and to take the decision to open or not.


It is important not to enter the ECC at the same time that another family who enters or exits the ECC. ALL must use their magnetic key and leave traces of their entry.


Social Media:

It is prohibited to put pictures of children, parents and employees of the ECC on social media, ex: facebook, without the consent of the persons concerned.



Taking into consideration the importance of:

  • each child having a sun hat
  • each child bring light weight clothing to cover their bodies
    1. example: long shorts or skirts, t-shirts
  • having the children wear a t-shirt while swimming
  • receiving vitamin D naturally
  • limiting the time exposed to direct sunlight providing shade


Sunscreen will be applied:

  • Usually between the months of May to September;
  • On hot and humid days
  • After the morning snack, and then a second application will be done at 11:00 before lunch when there is a picnic and according to the temperature.


Sunscreen will not be applied:

  • On comfortable cloudy days, according to the teams judgement, taking into account the characteristics of certain children( ex: sensitive skin or specific written request from the parent)
  • After 3:00pm, unless it is a hot and humid day.


  • The sunscreen applied is the name brand “Personelle” SPF 30.


Exclusion policy


  1. To prevent the spreading of infectious agents in the daycare.
  2. Ensure and maintain the health of the group of children in reducing the possibility of contamination.
  3. Adequately inform the parents of the situation where the child can not be accepted in daycare.


The daycare staff applies the following measures to prevent the transmission of illnesses:

  • Washing of hands (many times during the day);
  • Hygienically changing of diapers;
  • Daily disinfection of toilets, change tables, door handles;
  • Disinfection of toys;
  • Airing the rooms daily;
  • Washing the floor daily;
  • Individual cups and facecloths;
  • Usage of gloves for physical aid;
  • Good measure in food preparation;
  • Other





In reality, the educators are responsible for numerous children. It is impossible to direct their time completely to one child without affecting the other children. The daycare is not in any measure to respond to the needs of sick children. What they need is to rest and to get into good physical health.

The parent may communicate with the educator at the daycare if there is an uncertainty of the health of their child. This call must be done before the child is brought to daycare. The parent and the educator can decide together if they will try the child for the day. If the child is brought to daycare, the parent must be available to come and pick the child up if their health worsens. If the parent is unable to come they are responsible to find a back up person to pick up their child.



A child can not be accepted in a childcare service if he/she has the following symptoms:


·         Fever (temperature reading, under the arm) of 38oC (100oF) and up);

·         Diarrhoea;

·         Vomiting ;

·         Unusual moods that prevent the child from following the group : constantly crying, lack of energy, sleepy, irritable ;

·         Ear or stomach aches, difficulty breathing ;

·         Persistent or uncontrollable cough (if not treated);

·         Undetermined skin conditions (especially when accompanied with other symptoms).


If one of these symptoms appears during the day, the educator will ask the parent to come and pick their child up.

We ask that the child be seen by a doctor, depending on the situation, to ensure that there is no risk of spreading and to see the duration of exclusion. If the child is not seen by a doctor, the symptoms must have diminished significantly before the child can return to daycare. Further more, if a child is sent home from daycare for two consecutive days due to having a fever, they will not be allowed at daycare the third day. They may return to daycare the fourth day as long as no medication has been admitted to mask a fever.


PERIOD OF EXCLUSION to reduce the risk of contracting an illness and to avoid re-contaminating the group, here are time durations of exclusion of the child for the following illnesses:


Exclusion duration and reintegration conditions*
Infectious conjunctivitis (pink eye and/or yellow or white puss leaking from the eye) 24 hours after the beginning of treatment
Impetigo 48 hours after the beginning of treatment
Gale 24 hours after the beginning of treatment
Lice The next day after treatment
Hepatitis A (Jaundice) Once the child is treated and the children of the group
Chickenpox Once the child is able to follow the group activities
Stomach flu (epidemic, therefore 2 children or more have been attained) Once the symptoms are gone and the child is in generally good health
Diarrhoea Once the symptoms are gone and the child is in generally good health
Ear infection (caused by complications from a cold or flu) Once the child is able to follow the group activities
Whooping cough 5 days after the beginning of treatment
Flu and cold Once the child is able to follow the group activities
Tonsillitis /Scarlet fever 24 hours after the beginning of treatment and in generally good health
Pneumonia After beginning of treatment and if the child can follow the group
Laryngitis Once the child can follow the activities and the cough has diminished

Note:      * In all cases, the child’ general condition must be good before reintegration into the daycare.





  1. If parents have concerns with respect to their educator or the Management, the parents must address these concerns to the person concerned.
  2. If the concerns persist or get worse, the parents must address the Management when it concerns an employee. If it is concerning the Management the parent must put it in writing addressed to the Board of Directors and hand it in to the Management. If the concern is related to the health, safety and well being of the child, we are obligated to address it with the person concerned.
  3. Each complaint is put in writing and bears the signature of the person making the complaint and will be verbally addressed to the person concerned.
  4. Each complaint must be analysed by the ECC Management and/or the Board of Directors.
  5. A follow-up will be done with the people concerned (parent/staff/etc…).
  6. Anyone can make a complaint to the MFA if they feel that the permit holder of the ECC is not obeying the Loi sur les services de garde éducatifs à l’enfance or the Regulation.