Flash-info 8-3-21 Shawville

March 8, 2021 Off By Diane Daigle

Monday, March 8th, 2021.
Hi everyone,
First of all, Happy International Women’s Day !!
• New Covid-19 directives:
Here is the information received from the Ministry regarding
isolation and the requirement to be tested.
According to the new guidelines, a person who has symptoms of
COVID-19 must self-isolate and get tested. If this person lives with
other people, everyone in the residence should self-isolate, even if
they have no symptoms, until the symptomatic person has received
their test result.
Thereafter, they must follow the instructions given to them. It is
important to note that for children aged 6 months * to 5 years, the
24 hour home observation period is always in order before making
the appropriate decision.
Thus, if the child under 5 years of age is the only one in the family
or residence showing symptoms, the child should be kept at home
and their symptoms observed for 24 hours before recommending
the isolation from everyone and to have the child take a test.
So, unlike schools that have no more 24 hours of observation
period, the children must be tested automatically as soon as a
symptom appears, 0-5 year-olds have so far been spared this
Concretely, when your child is withdrawn for testing, brothers /
sisters with no symptoms will no longer be able to be present at
the ECC until the result of the test is given.
Likewise, if a member residing in your home is tested (school
children, parents or others), your child having no symptoms, will
not be able to be present at the ECC until the result of the test is
The good faith, transparency and collaboration of all will be very
important in order to keep the privilege of keeping the 24 hour
observation period still possible. The variants of the Covid are a
reality that is strongly felt in schools and under surveillance in
daycare services.
• Visual health of your child:
According to the Eye and Stroke Foundation, only one in five
children have their eye exams before they start school. Some
problems, such as amblyopia, must be detected early to have the
chance to resolve. This is all the more important since, until the
age of 11, 80% of all what children learn is through their eyes.
The Ministry of the Family is committed to reaching parents of
children aged 3 to 5 to raise awareness of the importance of this
test. https://lecoledelavue.ca/en
You will find on this website statistics and explanatory video
capsules on visual disturbances that can be detected in children.
In addition, the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec covers the
costs of eye exams and offers a reimbursement of $ 250 every two
years for the purchase of glasses or contact lenses for those aged
17 and under.
• Board of Directors Bulletin:
Soon, you will receive the newsletter from the members of the
Board of Directors.
Activities / outing
• Water Challenge Week: correction…
This will take place during the week of March 22nd to 26th . In the
last Flash-info, we indicated from March 15th to 19th by mistake.
Have a good week!!
Mona Donnelly, Director