How to organize all those toys!

February 21, 2019 Off By Diane Daigle
How to organize all those toys!

How to organize all those toys!

Does your house feel like a toy store has exploded all over the place?

Do your children have a hard time finding a space to play with their favourite toys?

Here are a few tips on how to organize your play room/space and all of those toys that are in it.


  • Bring all of the toys from every area of the house into one location.
  • Discard all toys that are broken. Games and puzzles that have missing pieces (making them unusable).
  • Toys that have been out grown and no longer play with can be set aside to be donated, sold or given to a younger cousin/friend.


  • Divide the toys into categories; Vehicles, people animals, puzzles etc.
  • If there are too many of one kind of toy ex; animals, they can be divided into multiple sub categories; Farm, Jungle, Ocean etc.


  • Shelf with individual baskets/bins
  • A picture taped to the outside or inside of the basket to help identify for easy cleanup
  • A picture on the shelf where the bin will go
  • Rubber maids for storage of toys not in use


  • Not all of the toys need to available at the same time. Putting away a portion of the toys for a minimum of 2 weeks will have your children playing with toys they may not normally play with. When the stored toys come out of storage those toys become new and exciting like they are brand new all over again!

By keeping these little tips in mind, will help with boredom around the house. It will help the children take better care of their toys. When toys are in good shape and taken care of properly children are more likely to respect their things too.

Happy cleaning!